Three things I miss about working in an office

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A while back I wrote about why working in an office is not my cup of tea. And it had it more to do with my shameless addiction to a good cuppa than anything else. For me, the pros of freelancing from home far outweigh the cons, but for the record, here are the top three things I miss about sharing a workspace.

1. Adult conversation on tap

Let’s be honest: working from home can be lonely. And the lack of water cooler moments I enjoyed in the office becomes painfully apparent when I step outside the house and try to engage supermarket cashiers in in-depth conversations. *Cringe*

I remember laughing a lot when I worked in an office. Someone always had a joke to share and there was always plenty of office banter. Now that it’s just me and I have to rely on the odd social media meme to tickle my funny bone, it’s not quite the same.

2. Closing the door on the workday

I used to love the feeling I got when I left the office building at  5pm. There was great satisfaction in knowing that I had accomplished all I could for the day and that the rest could wait till tomorrow. Not so now. The lines between work and home are so blurred these days that I feel like I’m always on the job. Work… home…it’s hard to draw the boundary.

3. The IT Department

Ah. The good old IT department. When the internet went down, or the printer needed ink, there was someone to call and it wasn’t my problem anymore. At home, it’s always my problem. Which means I can lose hours or even days having my laptop repaired or without an internet connection. I may be the boss, but as a freelancer, I’m also the IT guy, the courier, and the PA.


Having said all this though, I can think of many reasons why I love working from home and being my own boss, not least of all the freedom and flexibility that the freelance life affords, and the fact that I get to choose who I work with – my awesome clients.


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